About love (from a chat with Moses)

I told Moses (my least favorite friend) that :

”love does not make you so blind that you don’t see any other person who is not your partner.
Love does not make you immune to catching feelings elsewhere.
Love only makes you crazy enough to decide to be with just one person.”



He said :

” I agree, staying true to one person is the uphill battle. We have to choose wisely and do our best to remain loyal to that lovely person”



And then I said :

”Choose wisely? You mean fall in love wisely?
I thought the universe did the choosing…but that should be a conversation for another day..”



He added :

”I guess the universe chose your favourite Pizza for you….that is a conversation for another day..”


Till the end

More than twenty centuries and counting
waiting for the end of the world.
Several months and counting
I am still waiting for you
waiting to hear you say you love me too
then I can love you till the end of the world.

I cannot take it from you
It has to be given
I cannot force it on you
You have to gladly accept my gift of love.
waiting for you to choose me
so I can be yours till the end of the world.

I have memories of the time we were together
Memories from my sweet daydreams.
I will never run out of such fake sweetness
because I make sweeter ones everyday.
Give me the real stuff
Do not let me woolgather till the world ends.

Four and half billion years and counting
waiting for the end of the world.
So many weeks and counting
I am still waiting for you
waiting to hear you say you feel the same
so I can love you till the world ends.

Fire or ice ?
After the sun has lost its ability to shine
our love will burn so bright and light up the world.
If the world ended in flames
it would be because our love burned and burned till the very end.
Choose fire, not ice
Choose me, let the world end in flames
Let me love you till the very end.



Sunset and night and day

Sunset is not the end
the sun will rise again
the night is not the end
the dark hours won’t forever stay

Do not be gripped by fear
the light is on its way
clarity and happiness are near
do not be worried and afraid

As we go through life
as the earth spins
there will be good times and bad times
there will be sunny days and dark nights

Enjoy the sun while it is up
revel in the in the good times
but understand that things won’t be good all the time
thick dark clouds will shroud ,the sun will set

Sunset and night and day
when you find your self in the pitch dark
be strong, be courageous and be hopeful
it is not unusual to be scared and afraid
but do not let the fear cripple you
because you know better
you know the sun will surely rise again



World party fever (la fantaisie)

Everybody, somebody
It is party time
Switch off the sun
It is party time

Do you feel the loud music coming with the wind?
Filling the world at the speed of a beat?
No sleep, no sleep
We will be awake throughout the night like the moon and it’s beam

From the Arctic down to the Antarctica
People are getting sicker and sicker
It is the world party fever
And nobody wants a healer

I see the stars coming down
Coming down to party with us in town
From America to Africa to Asia
Cities are getting louder than fans in the stadia

Buildings are shaking
Earth is quaking
It is the big bang
Yes, the big bang is happening all over again

You think you do not know how to dance?
When the fever gets to you
Your body will discover rhythms in abundance
You will spin like how mother earth does on her axis

Scientists have not found any links
Between the world party fever and global warming
So you can go green 
And still drop it like it is red hot.






Show some love

Can’t you see
in the corners of the street
they stand on bare feet
no food to eat

Can’t you hear
from places far and near
the cries of children filled with fear
maybe you should open an ear

If you took a step
or even stretched a hand
to get one of those mouths fed
wouldn’t it be grand

And just imagine
turning their cold world into a haven
you don’t need any trick of magic
you can make it happen

Take a big look around
around those eyes
do you see the tears that drown
drown those eyes?
you can dry
dry those eyes

If you have life
then you have some love inside
so show some love


Elixir of love

Used to say to each other

No matter how bad the weather

We will always be together

Forever and ever and ever

As though we had the elixir of love.

But a part of me

Knew this day would come

You’d want to leave

And give up on our love.

My sun is high up in the sky

But your sunset has arrived

So you are saying goodbye

My thick tears will never dry.


Used to sit in the moonlight

We kiss and hold hands

Talk about the future

And make wishes after shooting stars.

I should have wished for the elixir of love

Because here we are now

With my head in my palms

Your lips are curving a goodbye

My heart is breaking inside.

My sun is high up in the sky

But your sunset has arrived

So you are saying goodbye

My thick tears will never dry.


Now our conversations are empty

Your sweet volatile love has evaporated

But I am still drowning in my feelings

Nothing can save us now

Not even the elixir of love.


Does it have to last forever for it to be called true love?
So if it ends at some point, then everything from the start was fake?
If they really loved each other , they should definitely be together forever??



The  grass here is actually green
Beautiful  rainbows in the sky above me
I’m surrounded by lands of milk and honey

Here, the birds actually do sing nicely
Ears, are filled with their sweet melodies
Tears, are nonexistent and I hardly worry

With you It was never like this
With you, I was stuck in an abyss
No air ,no love,you won’t be missed

You pushed  me out of your hell
And into the arms of an angel, I fell
You kicked me out of hell  into heaven.

The burn scars have been removed
You know what that means?
We have zero history, all cleared

I can’t believe my luck
You pushed me out of your hell
And into the arms of true love, I fell
You kicked me out of hell into heaven

I like where I am now
This place is raining love and dogs
I’m completely wet
And the feeling I get from each drop
Tells me this love will never end


”Somewhere out there someone is breathing

Just for you , their heart keeps on beating

Time will take you back to believing

You will learn to love again

You will learn to love again”

-from Carly Rey Jepsen’s ‘love again’


A bad experience  should not discourage us from finding love again. I believe there are people out there who will treat us right. We should love ourselves and work on achieving the best versions of ourselves. Learn to be happy on your own. LOVE will find you sooner or later.




Death wish, actually

Now I am as lonely as the moon at twilight

Just before the stars visit it at night.

Since you left me behind

Happiness, I cannot find.

Until death do us apart

Had no idea that death would come so fast.

Now I can’t stand the pain in  my heart

So I close my eyes

And wish to die.

If I have to lose my life

To be by your side

Then I wish to die.

If  I only have to not be alive

To see you one more time

Then I wish to die.


Red tears

It is all red

Love is in the air

Saint Valentine’s day is here

Love birds everywhere

It is all red

But I am all tears

Red tears


It was all red

But heartbreak was in the air

Pungent betrayal and acrid dishonesty also wafted

I did smell all of them

It was all red

But I  was all tears

Red tears


Saint Valentine’s day

left a stubborn stain

You caused me great pain

Which may forever stay

It is all red

But I am all tears

Red tears


It was all red

fresh hot love was in the air

but the Akuapem weather managed to keep its cool.

I locked myself up in my room

and cried myself to sleep

I was still in tears when i woke up

red tears




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