Mountain Afadja

He lit himself up on Afadja, the mountain.

He set a fire on the mountaintop just to get her attention.



Given, not taken.

You  can’t seem to stop falling
Everyone is the one
Is gravity  that strong?
Or you just enjoy crashing painfully to the ground.

You can’t seem to find your perfect flower
You jump from one plant to the other
Is nectar  all that you want?
Or you just like being pricked by thorns.

You are only human, aren’t we all?
You can only give love
And hope you get love in return.







Coffee Romance (the friend zone).

Our coffee tastes great
but a little extra milk wont hurt.
Our  coffee is okay
But a little heat will make it perfect.

I don’t know about you
But I can’t lie to myself
I want more than this.

Stop saying I’m just a friend
I am tired of that f-word !
I want to be more than this !



I am finally moving on now
And I agree
It is not me, it’s you
For once, we are on the same page.

You  stand beautifully in my blind spot now
I don’t see you
I don’t miss you
You are not my weakness anymore.



I am not yellow or blue

I am not red too

I am kind of the whole visible spectrum.

I am not a pretender

I don’t put on acts

I don’t mean to confuse you

I am as confused as you are.

It is like the days are optical prisms,

Optical prisms set at different angles,

I show different colours throughout the week.

You do your best to keep up

You are trying to figure me out

staring at me with those eyes of Darwin

I bet you ain’t seen this specie before.


2019 © Emmanuel Agyiri Mireku.

Revenge cheating?


I’m switching jerseys with that player
I am done being a keeper
I am done being the one who is always trying to save us
You think you are the only one who can go out there and hit?
I don’t have any heart tricks up my sleeve
But I could find three hearts per night if I wanted to
I’m a natural ,the hat-tricks would come so easily   (<couldn’t resist>)

But we both know the whole population of India couldn’t fill the special space you occupy in my life.
And we both know I could find all the hearts in the world and none would beat at the same frequency as mine.
Only yours does
It is not fair
It is not fair at all.

I’m a lover, not a cheater


2019 © Emmanuel Agyiri Mireku.


The best love story

Alone in bed with my broken heart

I know you are out there, my one.

Alone in your world with your lonely heart

You’re wondering where I am.

It is a matter of more lonely days

Or a couple of heartbreaks

Before our paths may cross

Maybe not.

But if we met

We would be the best

We would be the best

The best love story on the planet.


Whenever I open up, i get broken.

Anytime I love, I am let down.

Until I meet you ,that’s how it’s going to be.

Can you get to me before I drown?

It is a matter of more disappointments

Or a couple of betrayals

Before our paths may cross

Maybe not.

But if we met

We would be the best

We would be the best

The best love story on earth.


2019 © Emmanuel Agyiri Mireku.

The note on the deathbed

Just like how flowers wilt
When the gardener does not till
You watch us with your eyes
and leave us to die.
With your wings of power and wealth
you rise above our heads
And put us in hell.
There must be a hole where your heart should be.

Every day and every night
Our hungry angry hearts
Cry out loud ,why!
Why do you treat us with sly?
Why do you take away
The grin from our face
And put us in pain?
You turn our warm days
Into cold dark nights.
We always cry
And our faces make wry
But it seems our cries
Are not strong enough to fly
To where your ears lie.

You take away our gold
Yet you deprive us of even your worthless stones.
You really expect to reap from our sweats
But you leave us unfed.
You say we are your slaves
So you treat us like some bush apes.
I may be too black for your liking
But we have the same human blood.
You say we were bought at a price
But is any number of dimes
High enough to buy a life?

Now all we have are our broken hearts
Our only comfort is sleep
Even this doesn’t promise any peace
It is usually full of scary dreams.

We can’t do anything but pray
We pray that our young ones away
Will not suffer the same fate
We pray there will be no human slaves
In the future age.

I have been rescued by death
I hope I will find a peaceful rest
I hope my soul will not fret
In the world I’m entering next.


2018 © Emmanuel Agyiri Mireku.